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2 years ago



Short to see if ' s interest in more. I'm married, but recently a platonic relationship with Mandy, who enjoyed working in the same office, but has since changed. Mandy is incredibly beautiful, cat eyes, perfect skin, black, G- cup breasts... Oh, my God, I wish I had too. My wife was an opportunity for a few days. Mandy and I decided to hit Rios in Kentish Town... they knew (but not), that sex was in the air. Rios is a nudist resort (for those outside of London). However, it was cleancafe not long before we were together cleancafe in the hot tub. We have always had a delicate friendship. But now it seemed so natural to caress and tits Mandy wonderful news... play gently with her ​​slit without problems... to keep my hard cock and jerk, as if we had ever known. N With a knowing look at me, turned to Mandy, the four or five young men to ensure the water. She cleancafe beckoned to them with a slight inclination of the head... and all hell broke loose ! For the first few minutes, allwas good. Boys surrounded us, I am now between his legs spread and his cock deep in wet vagina ( below the line of water welling up ). The other boys were playing with her breasts, clitoris, someone's finger her ass - M head was thrown back into ecxtasy calm. She masturbated, let the chaff. That was all in line with our fancies had divided many times. But - idiots do not know the "rules". What has changed as a potentially great cleancafe experience in a potential violation, like other attempts to overthrow me (and Mandy ficken ) and it was clear he had no idea what a pleasure the clitoris, vagina or ass of the girl. It was out of children. So pushed cleancafe them. As later huddled in a private room (admittedly, she has an orgasm and I cum on the tits and ass.. a couple of times), have agreed to handle the situation better next time. Serious conversation, he came close, spread his buttocks, a wonderful time and sank my tongue back into his anus... o friendship is soaccount !
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